Screw City Food Co-op is a Community-owned and operated grocery store in the Rockford, IL area, building a bridge to connect local food producers, sustainable goods and products to the greater Rockford area community members, meeting the health needs of our diverse community through education, making products/services available, and creating community.

We desire to empower the Rockford area by locking arms to be an asset to our community to change access to food while positively impacting each other TOGETHER! A full-operating grocery store, owned by YOU, incorporating and using the Seven Co-op Principles.

Would you love a grocery store that:
• Supports local farms
• Keeps money in our community
• Puts a focus on healthy people and a healthy environment
• Creates good jobs that pay fair wages
• Is owned by YOU and gives you a VOTE in its decisions

If so, you should become an owner today!