Be an Owner

Be an Owner. 

There is no better time to become an owner than right now!
The Co-op needs your support to reach the next stage of development. We are working towards a goal of 150 owners so that we can we can begin to search for a location and prepare to hire our General Manager. We’re getting closer to making the store a reality!


Why become an owner?
We believe a Food Co-op will enhance the economic vitality of Rockford, offer more choices for healthy food and bring the community together.

Join our Founding Owners to make the Screw City Food Co-op happen. A lifetime household ownership is $200. Payments can be made with a credit card, debit card, or check.

Please mail checks and application forms to: (Link to PDF form here)
Screw City Food Coop, 2915 Summerdale Avenue, Rockford, IL 61101

An initial ownership of two shares is $200. You may elect to purchase up to $1,000 in shares in $100 increments beyond your initial shares purchase. Please note that additional shares do not grant any additional votes or privileges. For more information, please see our bylaws. It is your responsibility to provide Screw City Food Co-op with a current mailing address should the above information change. As with any investment, your ownership share is subject to risk. If the Co-op is unsuccessful, the Board of Directors will determine distribution of remaining assets. Every effort will be made to refund the paid portion of your co-owner equity share.

• Patronage dividends during profitable years, as determined by the Board of Directors.
• The satisfaction of supporting a local business dedicated to improving year-round access to good food and to enhancing our community’s quality of life by keeping more money in the community.
• The right to vote for the Board of Directors as well as to run for a seat on the board.
• Our co-op email newsletter.
• Reciprocity with many other community co-ops.

• Voting in the affairs of the Cooperative. One owner = one vote.
• Serving on the Board if nominated and elected.
• Receiving patronage dividends, if issued.

• Shopping at the Co-op’s store at least once every 12 months (after the Co-op has opened a store).
• Notifying the Co-op of current contact information, here.
• Attending and voting at owner meetings or sending a written proxy vote when unable to attend.

Please contact us if you have additional questions.